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| Kim, Yeon_Jeong  | 2008·10·15 18:27 |
Heat Shot 2-Hit Stitch   

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Artist/Director : Kim, Yeong_Jeong
Year of Production : 2007
Running Time : 11 min 30 sec
Format : Color/Stereo/16 mm
E-mail : Joan.yeonjeong@gmail.com

“Hit Stitch-Heat Shot 2” is an independent piece from “Heat Shot 1” and also connected with the theme of “Heat Shot 1” which includes the process of deconstruction burning 10 years ago` s personal photos and deals with the exploration of space and body.

It was made through the sewing process on 16mm film of body and space images and completed through the reprinting them.

Through the trace of stitch`s image materialized personal agony,
it explores the thrilling exchanges between body as the preserved memory`s space and public space.

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