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| Cho, Deok_Soo  | 2006·06·14 11:21 |

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Artist/Director : Cho, Deok-Soo
Sound : Marcus Held
Year of Production : 2005
Running Time : 5 min
Format : Color/Stereo/DV 6mm
E-mail : chodeoksoo@hotmail.com

‘Breathe’ is projected through a transparent acryl box over a cloth which divides spaces. The sound through the headphones at the entrance gate is mixed with the sound at the hall while the pictures are projected both on the cloth and, through the cloth, on the other side of the hall while the shadow of the box is also overlapped over the projected pictures. The picture images here use the same sound on the headphones. The sound of rain and the varied sound of water in order to be heard as breathes will be in and out of the consciousness of the watchers and listeners.
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