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| Cho, Deok_Soo  | 2006·06·13 12:16 |
Stand Up   

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Artist/Director : Cho, Deok-Soo
Sound : Marcus Held
Year of Production : 2005
Running Time : 1 min 38 sec    
Format : Color/Stereo/DV 6mm
E-mail : chodeoksoo@hotmail.com

StandUp is set up in order for the visitor, while they are standing, to lay their heads into a box hanging from the ceiling. The sound coming from the headphones is also set up to be heard with the background music of the exhibition hall. The sound recorded on the fragments of the videos were varied and laid over some parts of the sound layer of the 'Breathe.' The fragments of memories from video source tapes, varied for long years after they were shot, represent the consciousness of the present.
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