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| Cho, Deok_Soo  | 2006·06·13 11:36 |
It is a series of art works set up part of the solo exhibition ’24 HRS’ CANNED EVOLUTION’ at Seoul Ilju Art House in 2005.

What the artist has set up is not the video work neither sculpture works but visitors. Visitors undergo conflicts under the situations which force them to level themselves to the passive and material environment conditions and, if they do not reject the ‘consciousness transfer’ which the artist has intended, the visitors, through the phased changes, can experience complete transfer of consciousness at LayDown.

However, visitors sometimes showed strong resistance through the battles with their logical, rational and linguistic thoughts including taboos on places or social customs or individual self defense consciousness.

While the visual images shown through the internet do not have the material conditions which the artist has set up on the exhibition hall, the situations are not very much different from those which the visitors must have at the exhibition hall.

The visitors, with the background sound of the variations of the music in convenient stores and in the situations where individual videos and the sounds are continuously inter-mixed, must remove their focus and give up logical and rational thought.

It is something both so easy not to need to move a finger or so impossible to move a mountain. The visitors who visit the internet and watch the computer monitors can make the choice easier.

The visitors are given the incentive which does not require them to fight against themselves. The music of Breathe, StandUp, SitOn and LayDown continue to be reborn utilizing the motives of each others. If you want to move a mountain more easily, it will be helpful to depend yourself more on the music.

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