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| 콩그레필름  | 2006·05·31 23:36 |
Theodor di Ricco(Germany)_1   
e-mail: homosunshine@gmx.de

what is performance art / gallery sotodo

Walking into a room, removing a rubber ball from a pocket and bouncing it once on the floor is a performance art piece if the performance artist declares it to be one.
Walking down a street and seeing someone dressed in yellow manoevre themselves through traffic can be considered a performance art piece if the observer declares it to be such.
A Performance Art action is declared by the artist who does it and understood by the observer who watches it. It is an everyday experience.
Performance Art does is unbound by a beginning and and end. It happens.
Performance Art is defined by the elements of time, space, variability and zeitgeist. If it is done in an empty space, it will require documentation to deliver its message.
Performance Art communicates a message. Honesty in communicating that message is essential.
Performance Art is the act of making art on site at the moment Performance Art can incorporate one medium or combinations of various media to transmit the message.
In recent years, the term -Perfomance Art- has been defined by the art academies. It is only the definition of the term that has its origin in those halls. By no means does it reside there.
Performance Art is an act of service to society and to ourselves. It can and often does take the form of collective action.
With the participation of over 1500 artists over 18 years, Gallery SoToDo has become a movement in art. It being one of the first and longest lasting of this type of network, it embodies Performance Art.
Gallery SoToDo is a network of artists who manifest themselves collectively at Performance Art Happenings. One form is a congress. Many Thanks to all who have participated

Theodor di Ricco

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