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TNeF2015_Transcultural Network Festival

Transcultural Network Festival
International Online Festival
02-15 Oct. 2015

Theme of the Festival 2015: New Networking

In the 2nd Trans-cultural Network Festival, we would like to conduct workshop programs and exhibitions to introduce international culture Issue activities and studies as part of the network program with overseas trans-cultural artists. Also, we are planning to hold a cross-cultural workshop with performing artists from three countries, Nepal, Philippine, and Mongolia.

Live Programm
Performance/ Happening Art / Public Art/ Media Performance/ Action Art
Social Forum & Workshop
Network forum with artists /Art  workshops in Nepal, Mongolia and  Korea.
Exhibition & Live Screening

Introduction to TNeF  
The Transcultural Network Festival was held for the first time in Korea in 2014 to spread cultural diversity in Korean society where relevant activities had not been established yet.

The 2nd Transcultural Network Festival (TNeF) becomes an international online festival, not the previous offline festival, under the theme of new networking. Every program will be aired via the TNeF homepage.

Accordingly, contents of the festival become more omnidirectional. In other words, the artists living in Germany, Korea, and Mongolia will present their more experimental and contemporary artistic works through an online network. In 2014 when the 1stfestival was held, artists created their works in Seoul, a relatively small local area in the world but at this time, multinational artists from diverse fields will be involved in creative works and carry out their projects appropriate for networking. The artists will communicate and meet with each other through their own creative and artistic ideas beyond simple common themes such as diversity and trans-culturalism.

The first purpose of transforming the festival into a more omnidirectional one is to experiment the venue of creating art. We also contemplated consistency of the festival and consistent networking among participating artists. Therefore, it was necessary to be beyond the offline-centered festival based on existing capital. The financial burden on the online-based festival is so light compared to the offline festival. A heavy financial burden means that we need profitable programs desperately and not so many and diverse artists can participate in the festival. However, if we don’t have to bear a heavy financial burden, we can provide opportunity to join the festival for more artists at different levels and the festival itself also becomes more colorful. That is, we don’t have to feel burden of continuing the festival by making profits from the festival and we can offer diverse programs that anyone can access for free.

This year, the festival programs have three types. First of all, total five artists, Wolfgang in der Wiesche(Germany), Alice Park(Korea), Sungsuk Suk(Korea), Sarangerel Suhbaatar(Mongolia), and Anima Singh(Nepal), lead a network performance section each. Additionally, Rayun Choe and Jae Jo present their network-based works as individual artists. Sarangerel Suhbaatar and Anima Singh will hold online forums to share the results of cultural and art workshops that they held for local youths for free in the last summer in Mongolia and Nepal, respectively, under the title of TneF. The materials used for this online festival for total six days from the 2nd to the 7th of October and domestic and overseas materials about cultural diversity will be exhibited in the Gallery Dudl. The closing event that migrant artists living in Korea including Nash Ang and the rock band Ground Zero join is prepared.

T and NEF of TNeF mean trans-culturalism and ship, respectively. The meaning of the anchor in the logo of the festival is that hopefully, a small sailing ship will provide a new experience for various artists and audience regardless of boundaries.

General Directors of the TNeF
Kyoungju Park and Sungsuk Suk


Mullaedong 2(I) GA 57-4 (201Ho)
Seoul, Korea 190-095

E mail: saladtimes@hanmail.com
Tel: 02-2254-0517

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