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2004. 10th International congress for Art Performance-Seoul

Sylvette Babin(Canada)14'15"

Sylvette Babin holds a Master in Open Media from Concordia University, Montreal, city where she lives and works.
In her core areas of work, which are performance art, installation and video, her reflections trend toward presence, gesture and revolve around themes like exile, itinerancy, the light touch of daily life and the «infringement»of the borders that stand between itself and the other.
Babin participated to a number of artistic events in Quebec and oversee, notably : the Interazioni XVII festival, Italy; the Interackje festival, Piotrkow Trybunalski, and the Katowice meetings, Poland (2004);
Rencontres Paris/Berlin; the European Social Forum, Paris (2003)
Castel of imagination, Utska and Zielona Gora, Poland (2001)
Rencontre internationale d'art performance, Quebec City (2000)
Le Mois de la performance, Montreal (2000)
the InterAzioni XI festival, Cagliari, Italy (1999)
the Symposium of sculpture in Worms, Germany (1999)
as well as the Katowice meetings, in Poland (1998)
Since 1997, she is a member of the editorial committee for esse arts + opinions magazine (, where she covered various questions and published several articles about performance and interdisciplinary art. She holds the position of director since 2002. Moreover, she regularly publishes in different catalogues and publications, as well as in Inter Art Actuel magazine.


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